The Love everlasting

When God created Eve, he didn’t command Adam to fall in love with her, they kind of worked their way around it. It was obvious that their relationship was a loveless one; how else can we explain your spouse wandering about the woods (ok, it was the Garden of Eden) in search of a higher power, for the mighty – high; for the true meaning of life than; the glam house and Rolls Royce. I am therefore of the opinion, that she was in search of love, and this bought a stunning end to the world of man and a formal introduction to the devil. Most of the time, when there is no love or the lack of it, the pendulum of blame tends to swing more towards the man, or just stay hung there. Eve was of the belief that her hubby needed some kind of encounter, a divine intervention… he needed to feel the yearning of a place beyond the parting of her legs, she needed to eat the fruit, and he need to break away from he’s monkey buddies and hang-out with her. He needed to listen to her heart beat.

Love could be defined as a tender feeling towards another or thing. But has Love an end? Do the laws of forever – ever still exist? Come to think of it, the feelings are slimier that tender, and without a good grip you may skid off the road and into the cliff; you may lose your head and your mind. The other day, I went into a fast food restaurant to fix my hunger- pang. Lined up in the queue with my fellow hungered, showing on the TV screen in the restaurant was the usual Nollywood movie; where the girl begs for the man not to leave her, professing her undying love for him. But he suddenly walks away, and she falls into a convulsive fit of tears and sorrow. As my usual self, I felt it was all a gang of rubbish; a messed up act from a very low budget home video. But wait a minute… that was me some 4 years ago asking my boyfriend not to leave me… I cried, convulsed, fainted and woke myself back to earth. I thought I had reached the end of love, that was somewhere at the end of the world. There in the restaurant I grabbed a sit to get by bearing and to relive what I was in denial of, the in justice of love. The moment we fall in love the world becomes a narrow path. Your heart becomes too full of love; it’ll hold very little capacity for other feeling. Therefore, Michael Jackson is still alive, and Pontius Pilate just said “ecce Homo” five minutes ago; there are birds in the sky; there are rainbows everywhere; this world is not a bad place after all. And then the classic question you ask your mind, what has my life been without this person? Therefore, I’ve got a true reason to wake up and every morning.

It is highly unfortunate that love can be likened to a bullet train en route to nowhere. Fasten your seat belts! It  all these come to play with a single dose of, Oxytocin: the love hormone. Trust me, with one shoot of this handsome chemical, you can kiss your inhibitions goodnight, cos you’ll be walking on water and climbing on mountains with your eyes shut. You are no saner that your neighborhood druggy. Your object of desire becomes your next fix, so the more you see them and explore them, so you’ll also crave for a greater high with them. As with other hard drugs comes the red and white especial caution signs, but then, with a pretty high, you can neither read nor write, you are spiraling and harrowing down to a pit of how fast can you climb? Truly, it’s more graphic than I paint it to be, and it also depends on how many milligrams of this love potion you’re being fed with. It’s only when all is lost and you’ve climbed back up from the tunnel that you’ll realize how deep the sh**it is. Let’s be well aware that there are no facilities open to aid those with a broken heart… maybe some churches could. But there is no “heartbreak, or love anonymous” gathering that comes together solely to help mend and re-circulate the broken heart, It all self help, DIY with no manuals or substitute.

Like any poor druggy that’s been cut-off from he’s supplier for reasons of, not paying for the drugs given; owning too much; tired of supplying reason; or the easy “supplier just moved house – or best, state”. The drug deprived goes into a forced wean. Hard times these are. You feel less of yourself; you give little or no attention to the things that matter, cos they have been long ignored, long substituted with the center of your universe, the Love of your life. Take it from me people; everything that was once beautiful begins to wear a bad Minge. Those  beautiful memories will be marginalize to a blur, cos they really were blurry times… being that you were high! When you’ve lived passed the withdrawal and cold-turkey stage, you’ll  then get the exact feeling  like you just walked out a World War 2 movies, not as a solider but as one of those who survived the Auschwitz ; lean and beaten down. Afterwards, you ask for food and water- some form of nourishment, for the same love that brought liberation has boomeranged to captivate you; uncannily cladding you with shackles of despair.

It’s not all listening to sad songs and dragging on a Kleenex box? There are better days ahead, nicer people to meet, and you’ll also be met with the miracle of time: This wonderful thing that happens just as our heart heals; you’ve come off the cold turkey, withdrawals – you are virtually drug free, but recovering. With time you forget all of your sorrows, and guess what? That person will only exist to you as an ordinary human; no frills, sans halos. The world is still a wonderful place to live.


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  1. If you s could see me now………..remember that song,you got me smiling myself to death.Damn girl,you can write so good.u too bad o.

    1. supernovamag says:

      Thanks… share this post with your friends.

  2. wow! love rerally is a bullet train to no where. I am glad you exhauted so many boxes of kleanex but you still believe in love little wonder you’d still be climbing more mountains with your eyes shut even though u know there are no help lines for broken hearts. You can laugh at yourself, it’s a rare gift…

    1. supernovamag says:

      LOL. Hi Mr Ogaga, share this post with your friends.

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