The heart of sand

It is no surprise the rate of heart attacks has gone up, and for the first time we are witnessing younger people becoming victims of this epidemic. In the old times; just our recent past, Heart attacks were all almost synonymous to the rich with so much old money, that he hadn’t a chance but to be bisected with the disease; or maybe what made the disease befall him resonates from progeny insecurities. Still sadly, this is the world we are in today. Call me anti-technology, but I can strongly say that the weight of this problem is directly linked to the way technology has taken over our lives – it has become the new devil we know.

You have noticed from my previous write-ups, and can easily adjucate that I am some sort of a pro heart – related –issues, or better: Heart related matters concern me the most. Maybe it’s because my heart rules the aggregate of my being. Man has been through a lot, and with all his experience he is moulded into becoming what has become is today. There are certain characteristic peculiar to people of a certain nation, or race. Certain attributes indicating where he is coming from and what he had passed through; it tricks the brain and body to adapting to circumstances or a way of life. Take for instance, Africa being the Y-chromosomal Adam and mitochondrial Eve, and humans making that intrepid journey to another world. Look what it made them – White! It took some balls of steel and fire for the Orrorin tugenensis early men to make that journey, and surely they may have been armed with some high level technology, for their time, to give them the hardihood to spunk-up for such a trip. They were never the same… literarily.

This world isn’t the same, we are now more conscious of death and it looming presence. Here today, gone tomorrow has taken another a Pseudonym, with the almost breathing photos, and status updates announcing the fellow’s death. It is almost like we can predict the future of the History and Discovery channel. We are ever so bombarded with media today, it’s unbelievable. We have seen raw and uncut footage of real life things, which, formally, would have been relegated to Hollywood. It is has become our real-life. Now everyone is sharing the story, everyone is even part of it. We have lost our innocence and our morals have reached its lowest ebb.

We are living in a world where information is at the tip of our nails and delivered at a blink: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google and the Television have taken a prime role in influencing the way we think, act and our general outlook to life. Things that were being frown upon has lost its appeal and our brains are on a continues move to desensitise us from day old information… it is now on to the next.

Things we see and know now not only do they tear us from the seams of reality, it also questions our future, and hunt our thoughts for our children. The insatiable desire to push the envelope even further scares the big jezz out of me. And as we continually drink from this table, we remember that, not only is our heart becoming a heart of stone, but that it will most surly, be pulverised into a heart of sand.


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