We are not asking GEJ to be Jesus Christ.

I would have been more forgiving if people who occupy high seats in the government are not well traveled or informed; or given the opportunity to travel or live in wonderful places aboard. We often scold our children to detest from the fixation to the television and Internet, or they might begin to emulate the negatives projected by the screens; Best, we keep a close eye on what they view in the box. The television and Internet surely has it’s good points; feeding us constantly with ideas and information, of what would have been non existence years ago.

Might we remember that 60% of Nigerians are currently being exposed to cable television, A la DSTV. Our minds have all of a sudden become, opened and broadened by the images viewed and information passed from places far away from us. We are kept in the know of current happenings all around the world; news, trends, fashion and wars. In a time where information travels at the speed of light, exposing the under garments of our leaders, it’s a pity we have chosen to use this medium to tarnish our image.

It’s no secret that our government have failed us, and that those up there are not driven for change, but for personal enrichment and indolence. Why are those in government always choosing to play dead when it comes to developmental issues? Why are they acting like people from the cave-man days? (Even they were in search of the new world). I detest the way the educational system screaming at us in the face, for help, and no one has cared to stop to listen to it’s yelps.

We have become a nation where our educational system is being outsourced to other countries. (Sadly, we sing their praises) We need to wake up! It’s not all pen and paper; it’s about making that difference from where you stand. This is where I stand, and I am taking the piss.


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  1. Lindrain says:

    Nice, nice at least your president told D’banj that he was going to build new universities because he feels that will solve the problem in Nigeria, meanwhile, the standing universities have been crying for help for years now, but no, all we need to solve Nigerias problems are new universities

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